Group Therapy

Group Therapy counseling is usually comprised of 6-8 people who meet face to face and talk about what is concerning them most. Members listen to each other and openly provide each other feedback.

These interactions give members an opportunity to increase understanding, try out new ways of being with others and learn more about the ways they interact. The content of the group sessions is confidential; members agree not to identify other members or their concerns outside of group.

1.   Group Participation

  • You control, and are ultimately responsible for, what, how much, and when you tell the group about yourself.  The more you become involved, the more you are likely to benefit.
  • Most people find that when they feel safe enough to share personal issues, therapy groups can be very educational and affirming.
  • Many people are helped by listening each other and thinking about how and what others are saying might apply to themselves.

2.   Group Therapy Advantages
Ways that group therapy may be more enriching for some than individual therapy:

  • You can benefit from the group even during sessions when you say little but listen carefully to others.  Most people find that they have important things in common with other group members, and as others work on concerns, you can learn much about yourself.
  • Group members may bring up issues that strike a chord with you, which you might not have been aware of or known how to bring up yourself.
  • A natural process of enhanced acceptance of self and others occurs as one learns to relate more honestly and directly with others in the group.
  • The group provides an opportunity for personal experimentation it is a safe place to risk enough to learn more about yourself.

It is common for people to experience some discomfort over the prospect of talking in group initially; this initial anxiety is quite normal as most people have never been exposed to a group therapy environment and dont know what to expect.  Almost without exception, within a few sessions people get comfortable enough to interact in the group.